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Mastering Your Omnichannel Strategy with Shopify Integration

Did you start selling in new online sales channels in response to the new consumer demand in online purchase? Whether your business had to start selling online or your focus shifted towards your online sales channels – there is no denying the higher emphasis placed on digital solutions and eCommerce. Read on more to understand how you take control and master your omnichannel strategy.

  1. What is Omnichannel Selling?

Omni Channel Selling is very simply selling your products through different sales channels. It is a multichannel approach for sales that focuses on providing you with ways of getting your products or services to your customers and connecting your Sales Channels in one place. For example, if you leverage Shopify to sell your products online you get access to other popular ways of selling through Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp collections and more. If you are a retailer with shops you will be able to link to integrated POS systems, Square POS, Shopify POS and our own Enterpryze POS.

  1. Connecting All Your Sales Channels

One of the many reasons omnichannel is so important is the fact that it integrates your sales channels into one system. The biggest pitfall in adding sales channels is losing control of your inventory levels, losing control of where your inventory is and even losing control of your sales and revenue. You need to be able to track your sales from your website, your stores, social media marketplaces, Amazon, anywhere and everywhere you sell. You need to be able to see the impact these sales are having on your stock quantities in each warehouse, store, delivery van or wherever you store your products. Without having a centralised sales and inventory system, there are difficulties with:

  • Reporting on and analysing sales performance from different sales channels

  • Ensuring sufficient inventory quantities in your various warehouses or storage locations

  • Tracking inventory movements and deliveries from different sales channels

3. What is Shopify and How Does Enterpryze Power Up Your Shopify Store?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that makes it easy to start selling online (and offline through their POS). You can start selling anywhere on any device it’s that easy. Your online store becomes a powerful sales engine with features proven to increase conversion and customer retention. This is exactly how Enterpryze powers up your Shopify store. We provide Shopify Integration.

  1. Enterpryze’s Shopify integration for true business growth

Enterpryze is there to fill in those gaps. With Shopify, you can sell online and offline connecting your sales channels together such as website ecommerce, social media marketplaces, amazon sales as well as physical sales with Shopify POS. Enterpryze’s Shopify Integration will bring your sales channels into your accounting, inventory, and business management system.

  • Simple integration within minutes

  • Real-time stock updates

  • Built-in approvals engine

  • Avoid human errors that come with double entry

  • Automatic data sync from Shopify to your warehouse inventory levels

  • Comprehensive view across multiple fulfillment centers and warehouses

  • Analyze revenue areas from different products

  • Sales forecasting against business performance

  • Automatic CRM updates in Enterpryze from Shopify sales

  • Accurate financial records from integrated sales channels

4. What Comes with Enterpryze and Shopify Integration?

5. Why Use Shopify Integration in Enterpryze?

The beauty of Enterpryze and its Shopify Integration is, it will automatically bring all your Shopify sales into Enterpryze allowing you to connect your sales channels together in your accounting and inventory management solution. And all these other benefits:

  • Inventory tracking and management for all your locations

  • Enterpryze extends the Shopify Omni Channel Selling to van sales, distribution, other POS

  • Enterpryze does Accounting & Banking to monitor your financial health

  • Enterpryze has full Procurement process from Purchase Order to Pay

  • You can manage Expenses, CRM, Services and more


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