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Food Traceability and Product Recalls: How Enterpryze Helps with Food Safety

Food Traceability and Product Recall

Do you know that incorporating food traceability and product recall processes within a software can instantly improve your performance? Yes, eliminating all paperwork can help to reduce human errors. Your employees will also be able to respond more quickly if something bad happens to your food stocks due to an unforeseen event.

The Concept of Batch Traceability

Consider Batch Traceability in the context of problem-solving. You’re probably thinking of it as the act of determining the root of the problem, then identifying potential solutions, and finally selecting a suitable solution. When there is a problem with a product, the first step in resolving a product issue is to pinpoint the source of the problem. That is why traceability is so important. You are able to access any items supply chain history by batches at any time because it is already recorded.

How Can Batch Traceability Be Used in F&B Industry Business?

Assume this scenario occurs in your business: You must identify 100 of apples that have gone bad as opposed to 1 batch of apples that has gone bad in your grocery store. Yes, 100 apples are not a small amount. Manually recalling a product will require a large amount of manpower and time. This is particularly risky if you do not have a standardised batch traceability system in place and not prepared for the worst-case scenario. Meanwhile, when creating batches, one batch of apples can be easily identified. The method ensures that all products have similar production processes, reducing waste and other issues. Therefore, Enterpryze is happy to assist F&B businesses to simplify the entire process from A to Z.

What Are the Two Negative Impacts of a Slow Product Recall?

  • Loss in brand reputation

If businesses are slow to trace and respond, it will result in a loss in brand reputation and that can be costly (on top the negative impact on public’s health). Therefore, recalls must be done in a timely and well-executed manner.

  • Be prepared for unfortunate events

Product recalls can be devastating to a company’s bottom line. Businesses must always be prepared for the unexpected, no matter how hard they try to avoid it. This is especially important in the food and beverage industries, where a product defect usually means that the item is hazardous to the public’s health.

Reasons Enterpryze Steps Up When it Comes to Food Traceability

  • Trace products back to all manufacturers or suppliers

You don’t have to put in any extra effort to make sure that your products are in safe hands. Keep records of all the suppliers you’ve purchased from, track goods and batch numbers until the moment they arrived on your customer’s doorstep.

  • Ensure product freshness all time, every time

The quality of your products reflects the image of your company. We are here to help you in making your brand synonymous with top-notch quality. Deliver on customer satisfaction easily with the help of Enterpryze’s batch traceability and powerful inventory features.

  • Stay in control with mobile apps

You can always stay connected to your business’s inventory activities and make faster decisions even when you’re not in the office. All you have to do is download our app from the App Store or Play Store.

Does Having Software Like Enterpryze Benefit F&B Companies?

The Enterpryze’s all-in-one business solution allows you to store all of your businesses in the same system. On top of tracing the history of an item, Enterpryze provides you with more than just product information. It allows you to track the date it was delivered, who delivered it, who was the salesperson, and what was the customer’s transaction history. Therefore, incorporating software like what Enterpryze provides is incredibly beneficial for F&B businesses.

How Can Enterpryze Help You Stay in Compliance with the FDA?

Batch traceability functions are typically reserved for larger organizations. That is why many SMEs’ software packages will not include batch traceability. However, we believe that this function is equally beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses as it is to large corporations. Many F&B companies will be required to implement a product recall procedure in the near future by multiple foods regulatory bodies. Enterpryze decided to fill that void because many other software packages can be quite expensive.

Three Enterpryze BMP Tools That F&B Companies Will Use the Most

  • Schedule and Delivery

Other than batch traceability, scheduling and delivery is a feature that is useful for F&B industry. It helps businesses track their deliveries to ensure that items are delivered on time and fresh.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enterpryze’s CRM also helps businesses stay on top of their customer’s needs, no need for another system to record customers and supplier’s record.

  • Payment Collection

It is another feature useful for businesses. A convenient “pay anywhere” option is always desirable. This feature will save time waiting for the physical invoice to arrive at the customer’s table, as well as calling and following up on payments. Therefore, payments can be made quickly and easily once the items arrive at the customer’s location.


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