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Control your discretionary Expenses & Mileage

Enterpryze Expences

Keep comprehensive records and track and approve expenses through an easy to use app integrated to your General Ledger

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Customer Relationship Management

Enterpryze Expenses is a simple to use, yet powerful tool to capture out of pocket expenses and mileage. Capture, Approve and Post expenses for re-imbursement or reconcile against credit cards.





Expenses made simple with a 3 step process. Use the App to capture up to 10 image of the receipt. Then enter the details and send for approval.

Line Managers can review and approve expenses to to ensure compliance and monitor business costs.

Finance get the final say and all expenses are presented for review, with the ability to amend the posting before the one click posting to the general ledger


Business Mileage

Tracking Mileage is an important part of employee expenses and Enterpryze calculates distances either as they are incurred or by leveraging Google maps to determine distances. Different country rules are also built in so engine sizes, mileage rates and thresholds will automatically adjust. 

For employees that are entitled to subsistence Enterpryze can also allow employees to claim for overnight subsistence rates based on pre determined rules.

Integrated Accounting


Integrating your expenses into your accounting is normally an additional cost. With Enterpryze Expenses its already done for you. There are numerous advantages to this above automatically accounting for every expense.

  • Apply general ledger codes to expense types

  • Assign cost centres to employees for better analysis

  • Attach project codes to expenses to get better margin analysis

  • Post expenses to an employee creditor account to make re-embursement easy

  • Close month end quicker with seamless workflows

Tax and Banking

As Enterpryze is an integral part of your solution local tax rules can be applied to different expense types. If your in a country that allows for the reclaiming of taxes against expenses Enterpryze will automatically post the tax element of the expense to your tax returns.

And with an integrated pament wizard you can also batch pay all employees expenses directly to the bank automatically creating, allocating and closing expenses. All thats left to do is reconcile the transaction which is easy with Enterpryze's integrated bank feed.

Expenses in the palm of your hand

Frequently asked Questions


Is the Expense APP on IOS and Play stores

Yes. The Enterpryze expense app is available as a native app on both iOS and Google Play stores. The apps work both online or offline which makes it convenient to add expenses when your flying back from a trip or if your in your favourite basement restaurant. 

How Integrated is it to the General Ledger

Its completly integrated into the overall Enterpryze solution which means its also seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One as well. From assigning GL codes to expense types or setting cost centres to employees there is no add-ons, integrations or services needed to get up and running.

What can i do on the APP

You can capture expenses and mileage. Get notified and approve expenses for your team, Submit expenses and review the status and history of all your historical expenses.

When I'm traveling how do you handle multi currency

Enterpryze Expense gets real time exchange rates from the European Central bank and applies it to your expenses as you capture them. The APP knows where you are and automatically applies the companies currency based on the exchange rate. But if you decide to pay in your home currency you can amend this and manually enter the amount paid and Enterpryze will do the rest

Can i manually modify expense postings

Absolutly. Enterpryze has defaults set against expenses but these can be changed if required. the defaults are there to streamline the workflow but you can always make the necessary changes when needed.

Can i report on historical expenses in my company

All expenses are saved forever including the images of the receipts (there can be 10 per receipt). you can report on these at anytime and if you need a PDF report for audit purposes for example you can filter and print the report with image thumbnails at any time. 

Do i get notified of expenses i have to approve

The APP and the browser both have notifications built in to keep you aware of expenses you have to approve or expenses that have been approved. if you want to you can also send an email to your approver to accelerate the process if required. 

Whats involved in setting it up

Not much really. It's already set to go. A little training and a little setup and you're all set. 

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