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Here are some of the answers to the questions we receive the most


Is Enterpryze a Cloud solution?

Yes, Absolutely. it is a true cloud, multi tenant solution. Why is that important? well it helps us to drive down costs, remove complexity and maintain the solution to the highest standards of security, functionality and design. 

Who is Enterpryze targeted towards?

SME's that need a centralised solution to run their business. Most companies start with a simple accounting system as a repository for their records. But as they grow they need an operations solution as much as an accounting one and more functionality like Stock Management, Production, CRM and more. Before Enterpryze, these companies had to make the leap to ERP solutions like SAP, Microsoft and Oracle. Now Enterpryze offers that functionality in an intuitive, easy to use platform.

How much does Enterpryze cost?

Enterpryze has a very simple transparent pricing structure which is based on the number of users. unlike other solutions it has been designed to reduce the need for lots of implementation services which makes onboarding quick, easy and low cost. 

To get an estimate of how much Enterpryze would cost for your business please get in touch with us today.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

How long does it take to get up and running

Quite quickly really. We have customers who went live in one day and others who needed to take more time. Each business is different but the templated approach to Enterpryze helps reduce costs and speed up time to go live. 

We believe in the land and expand approach. It helps you get up and running quickly, with minimal disruption to your team and then you can grow your processes over time. 

Can I Integrate Enterpryze with my current solutions

Absolutely, over the years we have integrated with 100's of different solutions. Some are custom integrations and some integrations are with other well known platforms like salesforce, e-commerce sites etc.

Of course the concept of Enterpryze is that it has all your needs in one solution. However if you have a solution you cant work without then we are happy to integrate it for you. Anything from CRM to accounting or E-commerce to robots 😮

You talk about integrating to SAP Business One. What does that mean?

SAP Business One is an ERP solution provided by the worlds leading ERP provider, SAP. Enterpryze was designed initially with deep integration to SAP for companies that want to extend their solution to users that never had access to SAP. 

Our sister company, Milner Browne, is the leading provider of SAP Business One in the UK and Ireland. We get a lot of our experience from here and that is translated into Enterpryze. So you can use Enterpryze as your business management solution, upgrade Enterpryze to SAP seamlessly or Integrate it to SAP Business One and if you want the power of Enterpryze as part of your solution.

Where are Enterpryze Users located?

In 32 countries around the world from Chile to Samoa, from Vancouver to Sydney. Enterpryze is used by 1,000's to manage their business every day across all industries. Enterpryze is localised for many countries and languages and has offices in Asia, Europe and America (north and south). To enhance our presense we have a network of partners in 20 countries with detailed knowledge of how Enterpryze can help you Do Business Better. 

Whats included in Enterpryze

The primary processes a business needs are all included in Enterpryze. We have grouped these into 8 components so users can see at a glance whats available. Each component is tightly integrated to another and is already to go. So for example the CRM module has full visibility of inventory, the Business Spend management automatically posts to the General ledger. 

For more information on what's in each component of Enterpryze click on the solutions page and have a browse.

What other solutions is Enterpryze connected to out of the box

We have chosen some familiar platforms to enhance Enterpryze and support business processes and different revenue streams. For example Shopify for e-commerce and point of sale,. Square for Payments and Point of Sale and Stripe for payments and expense management. 

However Enterpryze is designed to integrate with anything that has an API or even a CSV file. We recognised from our experience that all companies want to integrate with many things from custom web shops to weighing scales to 3rd party CRM tools. We have been integrating solutions for decades and we can help build these integrations to support a truly connected business.

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