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The Importance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Consumer Health Manufacturing

What is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?

Many manufacturers nowadays produce poor-quality products in order to save money and reduce costs. What they don’t realise is that in the long run, it is more costly finding post-production mistakes than to prevent them in the first place. GMP is designed to ensure that mistakes do not occur. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system enforced and regulated by relevant agencies that makes sure of the consistency of product production and product control based on quality standards. There are 10 core elements of GMP:

  1. Personnel

  2. Premises and equipment

  3. Sanitation and hygiene

  4. Production

  5. Quality control

  6. Documentation

  7. Internal audit

  8. Storage

  9. Contract and analysis

  10. Complaints and product recall

The Importance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Implementation

1. Reduce Manufactured Product Risks

Apart from ensuring product quality, GMP is designed to lower the risks that cannot be eliminated or removed through final product testing. Examples of such risks include:

  • Insufficient or excessive of an active ingredient

  • Incorrect labels on containers

  • Unexpected product contamination

  • Product or material mix-ups

These risks need to be avoided as each of these may cause adverse health and safety effects towards the consumers.

2. Avoid Losses and Damaged Reputations

Consumer health manufacturers can cut down on losses and waste, avoid recall, seizure, and fines when GMP is properly implemented. GMP implementation also protects both company and consumer from negative consumer health safety events.

3. Reduce the Probability of Product Recalls

The risk of product recalls is high when GMP is not well-implemented. Product recalls will cause manufacturers to lose business time, money, and resources. Manufacturers will potentially have their brand name tarnished too when major product recalls happen, which can be avoided by implementing GMP.

5 Features of Enterpryze That Can Facilitate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Implementation

Having a solution like Enterpryze, a cloud BMP tool on board is perfect for manufacturers implementing GMP. With Enterpryze, several processes can be integrated and automated, making it easier for manufacturers to focus on GMP compliance. Batch Traceability Stay on top of product quality and expiry dates with our Batch Traceability feature. Keep records of all the suppliers you’ve purchased from, track goods and batch numbers until the moment they’ve arrived on your distributor’s/retailer’s location. Regulatory Compliance A cloud BMP solution like Enterpryze facilitates regulatory compliance, offering reliable data management and easy access to detailed specifications. Predictive Stock Control Streamline procurement and stock replenishment, distribution and order fulfillment while maintaining quality across multiple warehouses. Inventory Automation Re-order items ahead of time with real-time stock levels. Replenish items based on filters, products, warehouses or suppliers. Enterpryze even helps with automating your purchase orders based on previous sales activities. Cloud Reporting Pull up financial reports, inventory levels and delivery schedules 24/7 with powerful reporting on our secure cloud platform.


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