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The Impact of Supply Chain Digitalisation on the Consumer Health Industry

Introduction: Why is Supply Chain Digitalisation Important?

2023 is around the corner. Many industries are heading towards digitalising most (if not all) of their processes. With news of a possible recession coming our way and the slowing growth of the global supply chain, the consumer health manufacturing needs to take a few steps ahead when it comes to digitalising most of its processes, and not just depend on the trends by the consumers that increased the demands for consumer health products. Productions need to ramp up, costs need to be reduced, and having an efficient stock & inventory management is a necessity to ensure that the consumer health supply chain is well maintained.

The Impact of Supply Chain Digitalisation on the Consumer Health Industry

1. Reliable and Accurate Inventory Data

By using a BMP system or tool (preferably a cloud BMP like Enterpryze), consumer health manufacturers can avoid stock hoarding or stock wastage as there will be real-time inventory data ready to be accessed. This is important as most of the materials for consumer health products are time-sensitive. With digitally acquired inventory data, manufacturers can track the exact amount of stock that they have (or need to restock).

2. Seamless Batch Traceability

Supply chain process digitalisation enables improved inventory and materials management, and is able to provide accurate tracking of expiry dates. As mentioned above, most of the materials or products of consumer health are time-sensitive and have strict regulations when it comes to expiry dates. It is easier for manufacturers to make product recalls when they can easily track batches of products digitally, which saves a lot of time.

3. Optimise Talents and Labour

With the current human capital trends such as the ‘great resignation’ and massive layoffs, labour shortages within the supply chain industry are inevitable. When many processes are being digitalised, tasks can be automated, therefore allowing productions to still run efficiently without a need of workers with redundant tasks. Existing or new talents and labour can be optimised by assigning tasks that cannot be automated and require competency or skills.

4. Ensure Steady Product Manufacturing & Supply

With seamless manufacturing process flows starting from stock and inventory management, manufacturing, and logistics, manufacturers can ensure steady supply to healthcare centres, pharmacies, or direct consumers. This way, the product supply flow will be less disrupted and helps manufacturers to keep up with the increasing demands for consumer health products.

Get started with Enterpryze, the Perfect All-in-One Cloud BMP Tool that Can Facilitate the Digitalisation of Consumer Health Manufacturing Processes

Enterpryze offers an array of up-to-date features that can facilitate the shift towards digitalisation and obtain positive results such as increased profit margins and cost savings.


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