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The Future of Manufacturing


Manufacturing has come a long way since the first Industrial Revolution that started in 1760. The world today has advanced machinery, automation, and innovative technologies that have driven the manufacturing industry to be more efficient and cost-effective. Due to its constant evolvement, the manufacturing industry is set to bring more exciting changes in the future.

#1: Smart Manufacturing

As technologies continue to advance, we are seeing more manufacturers heading towards smart manufacturing. Smart manufacturing involves the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create an intelligent and interconnected system within the manufacturing operations. When the system is well connected, better communication can be seen between machines and humans, resulting in more efficient production processes and improved quality control. Smart manufacturing will also drive the creation of smart factories, where machines and equipment are interconnected and can communicate with each other – with minimal to no human intervention. As a result, manufacturers will have improved productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhanced flexibility in manufacturing processes. When the overall manufacturing process is improved, manufacturers will be able to produce customised products faster and increases customer satisfaction.

#2: Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or more commonly known as 3D printing, is another technology that is changing the manufacturing industry for the better. Additive manufacturing creates three-dimensional objects by layering materials, such as plastic or metal, on top of each other. With additive manufacturing, manufacturers can create complex and intricate shapes that would be very difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods. It also enables the production of cost-efficient customised products at a fast rate. Some industries such as aerospace, healthcare, consumer goods, and automotive are already utilising additive manufacturing. As the technology continues to improve, it is likely that more businesses are starting to adopt additive manufacturing in the future.

#3: Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is an aspect that is being highlighted more by many businesses around the globe. Consumer these days are more environmentally aware and are showing more concerns on the impact that manufacturing has on the environment. As a result, consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly products and transparency when it comes to manufacturing processes. As a respond to consumer demands, manufacturers are starting to practice sustainable manufacturing. This is done by reducing waste, designing products using environmentally friendly materials, and by using clean energy resources. This practice does not only benefit the environment but can also reduce operational costs for manufacturers.


With the adoption of smart manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and sustainable manufacturing practices today, we can anticipate seeing more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes in the nearest future. Along with continuous technology advancements, the manufacturing industry is sure to also continue evolving in order to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Enterpryze is Set to Bring Your Manufacturing Business Ahead

Enterpryze, a cloud-based, all-in-one Business Management Platform (BMP) is set to drive your manufacturing businesses ahead with our future-proof technologies. With features that are flexible, easy-to-use, and smart manufacturing friendly, manufacturers can be sure to reduce costs and maximise margins by having Enterpryze on board.


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