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The Complexity of Processes in Manufacturing


Markets and supply chains are now global, thanks to the advancement of technologies and economic progresses. The globalisation of markets also contributes to the rise of competitiveness between businesses and increased consumer demands. To keep up with the increased demands while producing higher quality products, manufacturers need to continuously improve their systems and production methods – making these processes and system to become more complex than ever. The systems need to be complex to achieve process reconfigurability too.

The Complexity of Manufacturing Processes and Systems

The complexity of processes in Manufacturing that we see today is driven by a few factors. Uncertain consumer demands, supply fluctuations, more competition worldwide, and more variety of suppliers are some of the drivers. These complexities are only good to have only when they are well-managed and reducing them before they become too difficult should be the focus of manufacturers. To do so, manufacturers need to utilise the right tools that can assist that process.

Data Visibility and Effective Communication

Data visibility is vital as it allows different teams or processes in a system to be aligned. In order to have effective and efficient cross-functional collaboration between teams, access to required data is important. To make this possible, systems between departments need to well-integrated, which will enable the sharing of reliable and updated data. Other than data visibility across functional teams, communication is also key in avoiding unnecessary complexity. The lack of effective communication between different teams or layers of management could cause production-related issues to be more complicated and difficult to fix. Therefore, having a cloud platform with mobile apps like Enterpryze allows teams to share real-time and reliable data, which is important for manufacturers in reducing production complexity. This type of platform allows staffs to get the information they need to ensure smooth production flow – anytime, anywhere.

Better Production Planning and Scheduling

When productions need to move very fast within a complex production environment, many errors can occur that could affect product quality and product deliveries to wholesalers or consumers. Manufacturers need to adapt better production planning and scheduling. This is made possible by having Bill of Materials or BOM on board. For example, Enterpryze’s BOM allows manufacturers to allocate or move stock and materials across multiple production locations easily based on the product’s BOM. With Enterpryze, production processes can also be planned by using our drag-and-drop planning feature.

Enhanced Procurement Process

Due to global supply fluctuations, many manufacturers opted to have their supplies reshored and get their raw supplies from multiple regional suppliers. By having a more enhanced procurement processes, manufactures can experience a smoother production flow. This can be done by using our document scanning feature. Enterpryze OCR technology lets you scan your supplier invoices directly into Enterpryze and ready to be sent for approval. Our invoice scanning feature also helps in reducing human errors when inputting data to our centralised procurement system. When you scan purchase invoices into Enterpryze, Enterpryze will make the necessary stock adjustments after you approve it. With machine learning and OCR technology, you can map the stock items from your suppliers’ to yours, and it will be remembered it the next time.


In today’s world, having complex production processes is inevitable, especially when manufacturers need to cater to the fluctuating demands and raw material supplies. Process complexity can be well managed when manufacturers utilise a tool or platform that improves production planning and process visibility. Enterpryze ensures that all data are securely stored and allows the necessary data to be accessible by functional teams to increase production speed and efficiency. Instead of having multiple, unintegrated systems for production processes, manufacturers can opt to having Enterpryze on board, an all-in-one cloud business management platform.

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