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How Enterpryze Integrates with SAP Business One


In today’s competitive business world, it’s essential for organisations to stay on top of their operations and find ways to optimise their processes. Enterpryze is a cloud Business Management Platform (BMP) that provides a range of solutions that help businesses grow, including inventory management, accounting, CRM, and field service management. Enterpryze is also able to fill the gap between a complex ERP system and the agility a modern business demands. With this, businesses can gain efficiency and expand the reach of SAP Business One without any capital investment.

How it Began

In 2003, we started out as the first SAP Business One partner in the UK and Ireland. Our journey continued for the next 15 years and within this time frame, we started growing our customer base and started building innovative solutions to integrate with SAP Business One with the aim of making our customers’ business operations simpler and easier. In 2016, Enterpryze was born. Enterpryze first started as a solution that can only be integrated with SAP Business One alone. Today, Enterpryze is a cloud-based Business Management Platform (BMP) that is able to integrate with other ERP solutions as well. This allows Enterpryze to operate as a standalone cloud platform for small and medium-sized businesses who need a simple solution instead of the complexity that an ERP offers. Now, we have over 1,000 businesses globally that use Enterpryze every day – helping them to get all the real-time data that they need and helping them operate their business better.

Enterpryze Helps You Get the Most Out of SAP Business One

Enterpryze is a cloud-based Business Management Platform (BMP) that offers a wide range of features to ensure the efficient functioning of different aspects and processes within a company. Enterpryze cloud BMP can be integrated with SAP Business One or other platforms and tools in the market, providing businesses with the flexibility to choose a solution that works best for their unique needs. In today’s fast-paced business world, businesses have to keep up with the changes and adapt their systems accordingly to stay ahead of the competition. A cloud BMP like Enterpryze allows customers to use only what they need with the option to enable more functionality any time, providing them with the agility and speed they need to respond to market demands. A cloud BMP is the way to go if a business wants to keep up with the pace of the markets because what a business needs now is probably different from what they will need in a few months’ time. With Enterpryze, businesses can stay ahead of the curve by leveraging its modular structure to scale up or down as needed, ensuring they always have the right tools to meet their business needs. For better understanding, let us provide you an example: Suppose an SAP Business One customer is planning to grow their sales team to go directly to the market. In that case, they need to enable the new sales team to access key information from the field, like prices, inventories, place quotes and orders, etc. However, they may reject the option of buying SAP Limited licenses for sales because they need something simple and user-friendly. Then, the new sales team somehow decided to work with platforms not integrated with their current SAP, or with very basic tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Emails, WhatsApp, etc. This increases the risk of selling what is not available due to the inability to access updated and real-time inventory or purchase status. This can also cause the sales team to provide wrong pricing to customers and must manually update the information they have on SAP. In such a scenario, Enterpryze cloud BMP is the perfect solution. With Enterpryze, the company can maintain SAP as their core ERP system but enable more employees to interact in real-time with different modules. The company can provide the new staff with Enterpryze users (and there’s no need to buy more SAP Licenses!), and they can start using Enterpryze in just a few days. More modules and functionality can be added at any time, ensuring that businesses can adapt to changing market conditions with ease. Having everything already integrated with SAP makes your sales cycles faster and adds value to your customers. Businesses can leverage Enterpryze’s seamless integration with SAP to streamline their sales processes, minimise manual errors, and provide a better customer experience. By doing so, they can stay ahead of the competition and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Use Cases

By integrating Entepryze with SAP Business One, your business will get to have the most out of SAP Business One. SAP Business One users can flexibly choose the use case(s) they need and the tight integration with SAP Business One means fast access to a range of Enterpryze services. #1: Integrate Spend Management & Automate Purchase Invoice Processing This use case allows purchase orders to be created and the approvals to be managed. Users can also place orders and view real-time and updated stock levels. Other than that, users can submit and track expenses, approve purchases and take payments. Purchase invoices and expense receipts can be scanned and posted directly to SAP Business One system. #2: Develop eCommerce Channels Use Enterpryze as a bridge to grow multiple online channels by integrating seamlessly with third party platforms like Shopify and Stripe. Sync to back-end SAP Business One financials and inventory to simplify the management of multi-channel sales. #3: Access Real-time Data and Insights By integrating Enterpryze with SAP Business One, users will have access to real-time visibility on financial performance, inventory levels and expenses through the Enterpryze browser or our suite of mobile apps. Data in SAP Business One syncs in real-time to give you secure access to insights from anywhere on any device. #4: Enhance Sales and Customer Service Management Make customer service and relationship management more reactive by simplifying engagement and improving response times. Users can log, schedule or complete sales and service calls anywhere, at any time on any device. This integration will make it easier for your field sales and service teams in managing sales and service calls and managing sales pipelines.

Overall Benefits of Integrating Enterpryze with SAP Business One

#1: Provides a Holistic View of the Organisation’s Operations. By having an overall view of business operations, users can make better decisions based on real-time data. This means costly mistakes can be avoided such as issues related to stock and inventory or related to production process. This integration also reduces the risk of errors that may occur when data is manually transferred between systems, ensuring that businesses can operate more efficiently. #2: Saves Time Integrating Enterpryze with SAP Business One saves time by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, which can be time-consuming and error prone. The integration also allows users to access SAP Business One data within Enterpryze by selecting the relevant module, such as inventory or customer management. This ensures that businesses can access the information they need quickly and easily in one place. #3: Boosts Efficiency By providing a seamless integration between Enterpryze and SAP Business One, businesses can eliminate the need for users to switch between different systems, making their work more efficient and productive as well as reducing possible human errors.


In conclusion, Enterpryze is a powerful platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to keep up with the pace of the markets. Its modular structure, seamless integration with SAP, and user-friendly interface make it the perfect solution for companies looking to scale up or down as needed. With Enterpryze, companies can stay agile, respond to market demands quickly, and provide a better customer experience. Enterpryze provides businesses with a range of resources to help them get started with the integration process. These resources include step-by-step guides, a Help Centre, video tutorials, webinars, and customer support. This way, businesses can get the help they need to set up the integration and start managing their operations more efficiently.


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