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How Consumer Health SMEs Can Go Global With Enterpryze


For SMEs, going global is a big move and is definitely a great way to expand their business and grow their client database. Specifically for Consumer Health SMEs, going global can create a healthy competition with established consumer health brands such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Procter & Gamble (P&G), and Bayer AG. The whole healthcare and wellness industry is evolving from a market that focused on treating people who are already sick to a market driven by the consumers – where consumers are more active in making health-related decisions. Due to this shift of market direction, the internationalisation of consumer health SMEs can diversify the product choices in a market and of course, reduce the risk posed by only selling in a single market. Luckily, we’re living in year 2022 where Consumer Health SMEs can utilise BMP tools that can support them in expanding their business. Enterpryze – an all-in-one cloud BMP platform, is a perfect solution for this matter. Check out these features of Enterpryze that can help your consumer health SME fly higher globally.

4 Ways Consumer Health SMEs & Manufacturers Can Go Global with Enterpryze

1. Inventory & Stock Tracking Across Multiple Locations

With the ability to track stock across multiple warehouses, inventory management can be managed in one view. Labour cost for hiring workers to manage stock across different locations can also be reduced when all the data is in one cloud platform and accessible by everyone. This feature provides you the real-time data of stock levels across different warehouses and stores, making it easier for you to schedule or automate restocking and purchases. Combined with our Batch Traceability feature, tracking stock or products (that are mostly time-sensitive) is now a breeze and facilitates quality control.

2. Omnichannel Inventory Management and Selling

For businesses selling globally, consolidating all sales channels into one place will simplify the way you manage stock and saves time. Physical or online – Enterpryze’s omnichannel solution make it easy to track every sales channel of your business, in real time. To provide a better buying experience for consumers, Enterpryze is integrated with everything from Shopify to Stripe – enabling your business to bring your online sales, orders and payment directly into our accounting, inventory, and BMP system without needing to do additional data entry work.

3. Buy & Sell in Multiple Currencies

Good news for manufacturers selling in different currencies! With Enterpryze, you can create multiple price lists in any currency. Enterpryze manages all your price lists in different currencies so your customers can buy in their currencies. In addition to that, you can also set foreign currency prices to inventory and monitor margins. Enterpryze will automatically track margins as currency changes.

4. Dynamic Banking Integrations

Connect your bank accounts in Enterpryze. Manufacturers can access business banking feeds to make reconciliations easier and get notified of payments or any transactions.


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