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How a Cloud-based BMP Helps in Manufacturing


Most manufacturers are already familiar with Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP. On the other hand, a Business Management Platform (BMP) is a platform that can manage other aspects of a business and not just the resources of the business. ERP is known to be more complex and requires a significant amount of investment in order for it to be scalable. As we’re in the period of economic uncertainty, using an all-in-one platform that is flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and inexpensive is certainly a good option. In this article, we list down some of the ways a cloud-based BMP can improve manufacturing business performance, while also helping them increase production efficiency and profitability.

#1: Streamlined Production Processes

To manage the complexity of production processes, it is crucial for manufacturers to have them streamlined. A cloud-based BMP is able to do so by automating tasks such as production planning and scheduling, material planning, quality control, restocking of items, and product deliveries. Task automation helps manufacturers minimise human or production errors, reduce production time, and boost efficiency.

#2: Improved Inventory Management

With cloud-based BMP, inventory management can be done more efficiently. A cloud BMP provides real-time stock levels visibility and allows manufacturers to track their stock, materials, or products throughout the supply chain and across multiple locations. Another cloud BMP feature that improves inventory management is the purchase order automation – making it easier for manufacturers to ensure stock availability for smooth production flow.

#3: Reduced Costs

A cloud-based BMP can reduce business costs in a few ways. Firstly, manufacturers can avoid unexpected machine downtime through predictive maintenance, thus ensuring no productivity loss. IT costs can also be reduced by utilising a cloud-based BMP as manufacturers do not need to have on-premises infrastructure and hardware that are often not as secure and hard to update. Additionally, a cloud BMP can help reduce the time and resources required for manual data entry and administrative tasks, and in turn reduces costly errors.

#4: Real-time Access to Data and Information

A cloud BMP allows manufacturers to access real-time critical data such as inventory levels, production schedules, product deliveries, and sales orders. By having the access to all data of different tasks and processes from a single source of truth, manufacturing businesses can make informed decisions quickly.

#5: Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manufacturers can now have a more enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM), thanks to cloud BMP for being able to provide real-time customer data, monitoring of pipeline value, order status, and delivery tracking. Manufacturers can now track leads from prospect all the way through to getting paid, and then deliver and track after-sales service.

Let Enterpryze Help Boost Your Manufacturing Business

Enterpryze, a cloud-based, all-in-one Business Management Platform (BMP) is here to help manufacturing businesses to embark on a better business journey. We are focused in helping manufacturers across the globe to experience the technologies and features that will help manufacturing businesses run more efficiently and grow stronger.


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