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Full Batch Traceability for SMEs: Roadmap for SME Success

What is Batch Traceability?

Batch traceability allows SMEs to group and track batches of items or a range of inventory with similar characteristics back to the manufacturer. It is a simple technique for improving supply chain management and maintaining quality control.

How Does Batch Traceability Work?

Thanks to modern technology, the manufacturing process has been simplified. It has resulted in cost savings and increased production capacity. But first, you’ll need an existing system that tracks and documents the origin of the product. Batch traceability helps SMEs to manage your inventory by making sure that a specific batch of items is taken care of. You will also be able to see how it is processed and shipped as finished goods. It is a means of recording important information about goods produced in batches at a time during the production process. So, what do you need from your batch traceability? Look for a software or tool that can successfully perform these few processes:

  • Log and Track Stock Movements across Storage Locations

  • Give you Visibility over Real-Time Stock Counts

  • Stock Valuation Reports

  • Expiry Dates of your Stock

  • Track and Trace Batches of Stock from Supplier to Customer

  • Complete Procurement Process by reordering from Suppliers

Quality Control Starts with Your Inventory

There are numerous reasons why knowing the distinctions between your products is critical, particularly when selling them to customers. Let’s take this for example. Brad operates a business that buys meat from specified suppliers, and then stores and distributes it to several restaurants in his town. One day, he receives a complaint from a customer that suspects these goods are expired and therefore not usable. This warrants a refund from Brad’s end, wasted resources and a possible decrease in loyalty and trust from his customer. There is no solution to this problem because his company lacks a structured record-keeping system. By implementing batch traceability, he can avoid the same situation from happening again. A platform like Enterpryze’s BMP allows you to analyse supplier performance to see which ones always deliver, and which ones can let you down. In this sense – batch traceability is a process that allows you to track batches from supplier to inventory to customer. On the occasion that a customer gives you negative feedback – you can instantly conduct a targeted product recall on that specific batch to avoid further complications! There’s also narrowing down problematic suppliers and then working with them to resolve the issue; or finding an alternative supplier altogether.

Batch Traceability is Used Across Industries

Batch traceability can be used in a multitude of industries, including:

  • Food and Beverage (F&B)

  • Medical supplies

  • Electronic devices

  • Cosmetics manufacturing

  • Any industry that deals in perishable items

A batch inventory management system is highly recommended for these sectors. This is because they need full traceability to track perishable raw materials or initiate a product recall if something goes wrong with their product. It is undoubtedly the simplest, quickest and most reliable means of determining the location of products and allows for the effective management of expiration dates. Companies that used to supply products that are no longer available need a systematic inventory system to update the life of the product. When you set up a batch tracking system in your company, you no longer have to manually track and monitor each group on a spreadsheet.

Benefits of Batch Traceability for SMEs

It’s without a doubt that implementing batch traceability can improve the ability of your business to stay on top of inventory management. Here are specific ways this tool can help you:

  • Track expiry dates: Improves inventory management, decrease spoilage and improves margins.

  • Fast searching and easy data management: Trace defective items back to the batch they were produced with.

  • Improved recall management: Accelerates the recall process and guarantees that consumers who have received defective batches are notified as soon as possible.

  • Maintain a positive customer relationship: Implementing batch tracking and reporting in your business can improve customer and supplier experience.

  • Comply with your industry’s laws and requirements: Make more accurate revenue reports, reports on profit margins and many others.

  • Eliminate human error: Manual inventory tracking is eliminated, which contributes to higher order accuracy.

Product recalls can be a nuisance for any business as they affect brand reputation and reduce profits. Thus, you can avoid unpleasant and unexpected circumstances with correctly organising your product traceability. By resolving difficulties, you leave a good impression on your consumers and enable a fast and efficient resolution. You can track your products throughout the whole production and delivery process by booking a demo for the Enterpryze BMP platform today!

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