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Faster Growth and Winning the Manufacturing Industry Race with Enterpryze

Get to Know Enterpryze

Enterpryze is an all-in-one, cloud-based business management platform (BMP) that helps businesses manage their processes and operations. We offer features that are simple to use, with user-friendly interface that makes collaborations between team members better. Manufacturers who use Enterpryze have better visibility on each step of their manufacturing process plus the ability to track stock, manage customers and plan deliveries. Enterpryze offers features that are usually available in ERPs, but more affordable and without the complexity of an ERP system. This makes Enterpryze a suitable business management solution for small and medium businesses. In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, it is important for manufacturers to not be left behind. By adopting latest systems and technologies (such as Enterpryze), productions and processes can become more efficient – allowing manufacturing SMEs to grow faster and be on par with other global manufacturing giants.

#1: Sales Order Processing & Purchase Invoice Scanning

Having your sales orders well-managed can lead to a smoother production flow. Enterpryze allows manufacturers to easily track and manage all their sales orders in one platform for better sales fulfilment. Purchasing is also made easier with our purchase invoice scanning feature. Purchasers can scan purchase invoices into Enterpryze’s purchase order software and choose to approve, edit, or reject the transaction.

#2: Bill of Materials (BOM)

Bill of Materials or BOM is a feature that will largely benefit manufacturing businesses. Our BOM feature makes it easy for manufacturers to track the availability of raw materials and components required for production, across different production locations or floors. With this information, manufacturers can manage inventory levels – making sure that stock and raw materials are available when needed. Restocking based on the BOM can be done using Enterpryze with just a few clicks. Enterpryze can also check if there’s any ongoing purchase orders to see if the purchase has been made.

#3: Multi-location Production Allocation

Another task that can be done based on the Bill of Materials (BOM) feature is the easy allocation of stock and raw materials across multiple production locations. This makes production planning much more efficient and ensures that all production locations have adequate stock or raw materials, thus reducing production time loss and improving on-time delivery performance.

#4: Batch Traceability

Manufacturers can effortlessly track batches of stock or finished products by using our Batch Traceability feature. In case of a possible product recall, manufacturers can quickly trace batches of defective items across different locations, back to their supplier or outsourced manufacturer. This greatly helps in improving the manufacturer’s brand reputation and in ensuring top product quality.

#5: Real-time Inventory Updates

Who doesn’t like having the real-time updates of stock levels? This feature makes it super convenient for manufacturers to plan their productions and deliveries, as well as avoiding understocking or overstocking. When it comes to reordering stock or materials, Enterpryze users can check the real-time stock balance across multiple warehouses with suggested reorder quantity and committed quantity.

#6: Delivery Planning & Scheduling

Enterpryze is made to streamline all delivery planning and tracking from one place. With our drag-and-drop scheduler, manufacturers can schedule and plan product deliveries, assign appointments or drop-offs to a particular delivery rider and service engineer with a simple-to-use interface.

Grow Your Manufacturing Business Today – Talk to Us!

In a nutshell, Enterpryze can help manufacturers streamline operations, scale their business, improve collaboration, reduce costs, and maximise profit margins – enabling manufacturers to grow faster and win the industry race (without paying the price of having an ERP system on board!).


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